Their Story - Life is an Adventure

Steve Flook is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur, and Inventor who instructs clients in Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Weight-lifting, Athletic Competition, High-Intensity Circuit Training, and Nutrition. He creates fitness systems that educate, motivate, and instruct his clients in reaching their fitness goals and full potential. Recently he was the Athletic Director at an International School in South America where he coached teams in the areas of track and basketball. He also taught classes in fitness, nutrition, and weight-lifting.  He is a practitioner of weightlifting, running, plyometric training, calisthenics, Jujitsu, and high-intensity circuit training. He is an entrepreneur and is working on several creative innovations with one in the line of fitness called "SweatBox!"  

Steve's passion for helping and encouraging people to change their lives stems from his experiences of drastic changes that occurred in his life. He desires to lead others to a life of freedom and adventure so they too can have the opportunity to experience a life of success and reach their full potential. 


"Too many people in this world are just existing, idling through each day in survival mode. They are anxious, nervous, and fearful of each new day. They have no anticipation or motivation in their life and have lost their sense of adventure. Therefore, they never reach their full potential nor have the opportunity to experience life with purpose and success." No More Excuses...Stop procrastinating and get moving - Subscribe today!

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