SWEATBOX is an innovative kinetically patented fitness training platform that provides the exerciser freedom to perform hundreds if not thousands of resistance training exercises all on one piece of equipment without the burden of having to own dozens of different pieces of gym equipment. Furthermore, it was developed by personal trainers and coaches alike who understand how the body's systems react to different stressors placed on it through resistance training. Combining various Resistance, Plyometric, Aerobic, and Core training exercises into intervals forming a circuit is one of the most proven ways to get fit and healthy. (Design Patent Obtained - Utility Patent Pending!)

Core & Stabilization Training


Plyometric Training


Resistance Training


Aerobic Training

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If you're serious about getting fit and healthy, and not afraid to Sweat, perform
4 - 20 minute Sweatbotics Trainings weekly to transform your body.  
SWEATBOTICS - Systematic Robotic Movements that Incorporate Resistance, Plyometric, Aerobic, and Core Training into One Intense Workout!     

SweatBotics focuses on both metabolic systems of the body, aerobic and anaerobic. By combining aerobic and anaerobic (resistance training) exercises together into a circuit, it allows the body to burn the maximal amount of calories in the least amount of time. Furthermore, studies have shown that performing resistance training exercises (bodyweight anaerobic exercises) increases lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass increases the body's metabolism and helps to reduce "Free Fatty Acids" in the blood stream that reap havoc on the body's metabolic systems. So if you are serious about exercise, and desire to improve your body's Physiological systems (muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal, endocrine, and psychological), then SweatBox is for you! 





Steve, the creator of the SweatBox is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), Fitness Coach, and Life Coach who instructs clients in Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Weight-lifting, Athletic Competition, High-Intensity Circuit Training, and Nutrition. He creates fitness systems that educate, motivate, and instruct clients in reaching their fitness goals and full potential. Recently he was the Athletic Director at an International School in South America where he coached teams in the areas of track and basketball. He also taught classes in fitness, nutrition, and weight-lifting.  He is a practitioner of weightlifting, plyometric training, calisthenics, running, Jujitsu, and high-intensity SweatBotics training. 

Note/Warning: The user must possess good health and balance to use SWEATBOX. Do not use SweatBox if you have any kind of heart condition or unstable balance. (Please consult with your Doctor before using SweatBox.)

The Unique Design of SWEATBOX replaces the incline bench, flat bench, stair-stepper, aerobic stepper, push-up platform, plyo-box, dip machine, core machine, and the list goes on! This is a serious fitness platform designed for people who are serious about reaching their fitness goals and taking their fitness to the next level. Furthermore, the innovative design of SWEATBOX allows the user to target the core (muscles associated with the Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex) & Stabilizer Muscles with every exercise performed without causing excessive pressure to the lower back extremity. 

  • Each SweatBox is custom built upon order 

  • Each SweatBox comes with the Custom Resistance Bands Package which include: 2 Handles, 2 - 30lb Bands, 2 - 40lb Bands, 2 - 50lb Bands, 2 Metal Clips, Spacers for Length Adjustments, and Bag for all accessories. 

  • Each SweatBox comes with a 6 Week Subscription - On-Demand Live Streaming Coaching and Videos to set you up for Success. 

  • SweatBox is made from Grade A 3/4 inch plywood (Cabinet Grade)

  • Internal cross frame for extra support (3/4 Inch)

  • All joints and wood panels are glued together to create one solid box

  • Pre-drilled holes

  • Reinforced with wood screws.

  • Top and bottom surfaces covered with 3/16" EVA material (Paddle-board/Surfboard material for cushioning to the hands and body, but firm and non-slip to the shoes. 

  • Corners and edges rounded for safety

  • All wood panels covered with polyurethane for protection. (Protects against sweat and water)

  • Custom in-built designed handles

  • Embossed rubber logo plate routed into side panels 

  • Nylon Straps for connecting Resistance Bands 

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