Change is what brings about new challenges, difficult circumstances, and trials, which can cause discomfort and pain in one’s life. The good news is that change is the required element that leads to new growth and opens the door to new opportunities for success and ultimately a new life. Like the illustration of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. In order for that ugly, interesting creature to change into a beautiful flying insect, it must first transition through many challenging, uncomfortable, and difficult situations. Change creates an environment of uncertainty, discomfort, and anxiety because of fear of the unknown, not being confident of what the change or changes will bring. If you desire to have more opportunities to achieve success and reach your full potential, then you must be available to invite the process of metamorphosis into your life.

When we are comfortable, living in our comfort zones, it’s like setting up camp and erecting a fence around the camp for security. Day after day we roam around the camp in our zone of comfort, enjoying the peace and security of it, without ever daring to venture outside the fence (boundaries) into the unknown. This is what we do daily in our lives. We set boundaries that we do not dare to cross, because of fear of placing ourselves into uncomfortable circumstances.

If we remain for long periods of time in these “comfort zones” that we have created, they begin to become the norm and eventually have the potential to discourage, distract, and eventually prevent us from ever taking that adventurous risk outside into the darkness called the unknown. When we form attitudes, which result in forming daily habits that deter us from venturing into uncharted territories, it places us at a disadvantage, preventing us from growing, learning new skills, and from increasing our knowledge. The truth is, we cannot fully understand what we are truly made of, who we really are, and realize the full potential that we possess until we are placed in challenging and difficult circumstances. Exposure to the challenges of overcoming new obstacles and painful trials in our lives is what forces us to rise up from within our soul and search for every available resource to overcome them. This process paves the way for personal growth, which results in increased intelligence and gained knowledge that ultimately leads to gaining more opportunities to experience success. If we stay in our comfort zones not being willing to take the risk of venturing out into the place of uncertainty, we may very well end up living a life of mediocrity and never know what we truly possess.

Change is healthy and necessary because it forces us to think outside the box. It stretches our thinking and challenges the status-quo. It creates an environment of instability in our lives by forcing us to take the dependency off of our skills and behaviors in which we are confident, and pushes us to learn new ones, and rely on other resources with which we are unfamiliar and not accustomed too.

If you would like to discover the key that opens the door to more opportunities to experience success in your life and reach your full potential, then it's time you step outside of your comfort zone (your camp, your box) and embrace change. It will be challenging, uncomfortable, difficult, and may even be painful at times, but it will create the proper environment needed to position you for greater opportunities for success in reaching your full potential that will eventually lead to a new life, one that you have always dreamed of.

No More Excuses – step out of your comfort zone today!

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