Having The Proper Education And Understanding Of Exercise/Activity In Your Daily Life

The truth about exercise is that I believe too many people have created a negative connotation about fitness due to a lack of education in this area. Unfortunately, this lack of education leads to a lack of understanding which causes people to put exercise at the bottom of their list of priorities. They see it as just another burdensome chore that increases their already too long list of things to do. With this said, instead of focusing on the positive effects and benefits fitness provides, people in general, see it more as a burden, something that requires more of their time, money, and energy. Because of this, it is interpreted as an option, meaning that they plan to do it only if it is convenient and if nothing else “more important” arises in their busy schedule. By operating like this, the fitness elements of the challenge, adventure, accomplishment, and excitement are removed, and all they are left with is another burdensome activity to check off their list.

For someone to experience the anticipation and excitement of fitness, the person must renew their mind by retraining it to understand activity and exercise correctly. This is accomplished through educational means and by realizing that the body was created for movement. The body must have planned daily activity in order to function correctly and be healthy. Exercise must be seen as a necessity like water and food, an element of survival. All three go hand in hand. Just as a lack of water and food can cause serious health problems and even death to the human body, inactivity can do the same. Once a person begins to understand and see fitness and exercise in this manner as a necessity to help sustain and improve life, then it will be properly prioritized and placed at the top of one’s list.

If you were to ask someone what is more important to him or her, one’s job, or fitness, most people would respond by saying “work, my job is more important.” This is an example of how possessing an incorrect understanding, and a lack of education about fitness and activity in one’s mind affects everything that one does in life. People who see exercise as a necessity to sustain, prolong, and improve life, prioritize it at a higher level than even their jobs. Therefore, they choose careers with schedules that allow them to accomplish their daily fitness plan. It boils down to what each person values most to him or her in life. People will always find time to complete what they perceive to be most important, no matter how busy they are. Example: People always find time to drink and eat! Fitness and activity should be the same.

Exercise, or activity, at a minimum, must be planned and performed daily for an average time of about 20-30 minutes to have a positive effect on the body. It does not have to be activities that are only associated with a fitness gym, weight lifting, and aerobics, but can be anything that allows for movement like dancing, skating, walking, martial arts, cycling, etc. The focus here is to get people to understand the importance of “movement,” and how important it is to their body and well-being. This type of understanding can hopefully encourage people to get out of their chairs, off the couch, and get moving in some type of activity. Over 75% of the adult US population (20 years or older), is either overweight or obese. This chronic disorder is a major cause of many health problems, including chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and the list goes on. If people do not begin to understand the necessity of “movement” (activity) in their daily lives, the percentage of overweight people and chronic diseases will continue to escalate. This is scary!

No More Excuses - get moving today!

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