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SWEATBOX is an innovative kinetic patented fitness training apparatus created by Fitness Professionals for the purpose of performing hundreds of Resistance (Anaerobic) Training Exercises, Plyometric Training Exercises, and Cardio Conditioning (Aerobic) Exercises all on one piece of equipment without the burden of having to use other pieces of  gym equipment.  Its unique design allows the user to target the Core (Lumbo pelvic Hip Complex) with every exercise performed. Every drop of Sweat is an investment into your health. 

      SWEATBOX provides a fitness platform for total body transformation.                                   Created and designed by fitness professionals for their clients.  

                     No More Excuses...sweat your body into a new life!   


Hundreds of Exercises All On One Innovative Patented Fitness Aparatus!

If You're Not Afraid To Sweat, and You're Serious About Getting Fit, Healthy, and Dropping Pounds, then SweatBox is for you! 

SWEATBOX (SWEATBOTICS) empowers people to get fit by creating an environment of instruction, anticipation, and motivation through scientific based exercise training, systematically formatted into one intense workout.    

Perform 4-20 minute workouts weekly coupled with a healthy diet!  


The secret to losing fat is by combining muscle building resistance training exercises and conditioning exercises into a Circuit!  

Your Part: Get the SweatBox!
 Our Part: We'll Train You!
If You want To Change Your Future...You Must Change Your Thinking and Make A Plan...If Not, You'll Be In The Same Place Next Year As You Are Now!
It's Mobile, Workout Anywhere!
Want SWEATBOTICS in your gym, fitness studio, center or anywhere, contact us today!

NOTE: Please consult with a doctor before beginning any exercise program or using SWEATBOX4.2! Must be in decent health and possess good balance and coordination to use SWEATBOX4.2!

Copyright © SweatBox - hundreds of exercises on one box! Managed by SweatBotics LLC / Partner of No More Excuses - No Mas Excusas - No More Excuses - get fit! - All material on this website is the property of SweatBox/SweatBotics LLC and cannot be copied or reproduced without the sole written permission of SweatBotics LLC. 

All material on this website--SweatBox is designed for the purpose of educational use, as well as for encouraging and motivating people to get fit in their daily lives. Although the information contained in this website has been thoroughly researched and put into practice for many years, it is not intended, nor should it take the place of medical and dietitian advice, assistance, and/or counseling. Before beginning any exercise program, it is recommended that you first check with your physician.

January 1, 2019

September 27, 2017

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- hundreds of exercises all on one box!

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